Etiquette and Values

General Items

As this conference is being hosted by the McNeil Center for Early American Studies, we acknowledge that the land it resides on is the traditional land of the Lenni Lenape. Although this conference’s participants are collaborating in virtual space, we likewise acknowledge that the digital is material, and that the technological infrastructure, while obscure to us, likely resides in territory that should be acknowledged. Our participants are connecting from a variety of locations for which the legacies of colonial violence need to be reckoned with. We hope that they will acknowledge this as they see fit.
We ask that speakers and attendees include their preferred pronouns in their Zoom titles, for example, as “First name, last name (pronouns).” This can be done from your profile if your client is version 5.7.0 or later (documentation) or by renaming yourself. To do this, open the participants panel, select “more” next to your username, and find “rename” to update your display name.
During this conference we will be discussing legacies of racism, colonialism, sexism, and other problematic structures of power. We ask that participants approach these topics with critical sensitivity and an eye to inclusion. We strive to make the conference space welcoming to all.
The hashtag for the conference is #EAOL21. If panelists indicate that they would not like to have be discussed on social media, we ask that participants respect that choice.

Those in need of particular accommodations for Zoom should contact

During the Conference

Sessions will be headed by the session chairs, who are responsible for keeping time and facilitating discussion. If you have entered a room after a session has begun, please refer to the program to determine who is the chair of the session. We ask that participants defer to the discretion of the session chairs.
Please do not unmute yourself to speak unless directed to. You may indicate that you wish to speak by using the “raise hand” function. In newer versions of Word, this can be found by clicking the “reactions” button at the bottom of the screen and selecting “raise hand.” When you have spoken, please remember to lower your hand by navigating to the same menu.
Questions may be posed by being asked to speak or by utilizing the chat function.
Zoom’s video documentation can be located at this link.