Undergraduate Posters

11-9-21: The Poster Display can be found here.

We are hosting an asynchronous undergraduate poster session in association with The Americas Online: Thinking Digitally About Early America. The CFP for undergraduate posters can be downloaded here. We will link to and/or post entries to this page. Awards for best posters will be announced at the conference on November 13 during the closing session.

Download a .pdf file of the call for papers here.
Note to applicants: The goal of this call is to produce a scholarly poster presentation about digital humanities work that thinks about themes and topics related to the early Americas. While we are expansive in our understanding of what this could look like, if you are unfamiliar with this conference format, please refer to this guide to conference posters. You should submit work that summarizes arguments, pedagogy, and labor related to digital research or projects.

Due Oct 29, 2021

We are currently seeking undergraduate contributors to submit digital posters related to the conference themes as part of an asynchronous undergraduate session. We are using “digital posters” as shorthand for a range of web-accessible media that we hope to aggregate on a conference site. Submissions might take various forms, ranging from a Google Slides presentation or poster file documenting projects or labor contributed, to completed digital projects created for classes, as independent projects, or as part of a faculty-or-staff-led project team. Posters should think critically and creatively about digital tools, methodologies, platforms, and projects. Undergraduates may submit as individuals or in groups, but you must be an undergraduate student at the time of the submission to qualify for prizes. A committee will award prizes to the top three submissions, with prizes to be shared among applicants; $250 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place.  
To submit a poster for consideration, please send a 250-word abstract describing and contextualizing the digital poster, your submission, and a c.v./resume of no more than three pages to j.linker@northeastern.edu with the subject line: “Digital Poster Submission – McNeil.” We will entertain a range of file types, though you should choose web-accessible hosting (if hosting yourself) and format. Submissions might include a link to a completed webpage that contains your project, a digital poster (in .pdf format) that outlines the major themes, video footage of the project (hosted on Youtube or Vimeo) that demonstrates interactive features. Format may be creative, but all submissions must tell the judges 1.) what the project is, 2.) what scholarly questions it aims to answer / what it teaches the audience about the early Americas / or how it assists with researching/teaching the early Americas, 3.) and how the project was made.
Posters should be submitted no later than October 29, 2021. They will be available on http://www.theearlyamericasonline.com as an asynchronous conference session. Awards will be announced at the end of the conference, on November 13.